What We Do

What We Do

Making Markets Liquid

Options markets can be illiquid: when an investor wants to buy a specific option, there is very little chance another investor has the exact opposite idea on the same product at the same time.

Derivative markets require “market makers” who can provide counterparty to any investor’s request.

As a market maker on the biggest european derivative markets such as Eurostoxx index options, Mosaic Finance is committed to offer buy and sell prices in real time in any market condition.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Techno Prop Trading Firm

Mosaic Finance is a proprietary trading company specialized in low latency algorithmic trading on major derivatives exchanges

Our market making activity is performed for our own account and at our own risk, using in house state of the art algorithms and quoting engines.

We are not a hedge fund, we have no customer, we do not advise investors. We have no opinion on the direction of the market.

Our profitability relies on our ability to valuate derivative instruments properly, our strict risk management, and the performance of our systems and models.

How We Do

How We Do

Infrastructure & Software Development

In order to send our quotes to the “matching engines” of the electronic markets at the lowest latency, we need to be connected in colocation, we need to compute fast and we need to be smart.

Our R&D team develops 100% of the sophisticated tools we use to capture market data from the exchanges, recompute derivative prices at each market move, and update our quotes.

The infrastructure and software challenge is in nanosecond : to be on top of the race, Mosaic develops state of the art technology such as FPGA programming.

How We Do

Quantitative research & Data science

At Mosaic there are no traders : 100% of our trading is automated and performed in low latency

We have developed a storage capacity of hundreds of terabytes, using the best “big data” technologies such as Hadoop.

Our researchers and data scientists exploit these data to work on the full lifecycles of strategy and algorithms development, including analysis, testing, prototyping, back-testing, and performance monitoring

Join Mosaic

Join Mosaic

Mosaic Finance is rapidly expanding and is constantly searching for collaborators, junior or experienced, who share its values and who are eager to show their potential and make the company grow.

We require a high technical level on all positions participating in our value chain (quantitative research, IT dev, IT infrastructure, Market access).


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